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Texas Holdem



Archived Poker News, Articles and Promotions

Fundamentals of poker: The Blinds - 2/9

Poker Don talks about his buddy who always seems to get up in the beginning then gives it all back due to a lack of Self Discipline and control with his game - 2/9

Tips and Strategy on High Low Split Games - 2/2

Don Lewis gives types on Stereotyping Opponents when you have nothing else to go on - 2/1

Tips on using Aggression to your advantage in a poker game - 2/1

Don talks about Trash Talk at the tables - 1/30

Dan Day gives tips on the appropriate time to be Leaving a Game of Texas Hold'em - 1/27

One of the most counterproductive behaviors at the table: Greed - 1/23

Don talks about always Playing Your Best Game and the benefits in doing so - 1/20

The game of Limit Texas Holdem explained - 1/19

Poker Don talks about Mind Reading in poker games and how necessary it is to beat your opponents - 1/17

Happy New Year Everybody! We have an announcement to make! will soon have a Poker Forum in which you can interact with other members of our poker community! Details coming soon!

January Absolute Poker Promotions including a whopping 200% bonus, seats to the wsop and high dollar guaranteed tournaments - 1/1

Poker Don gives four Reasons to Play Poker - 12/30

Wes Eshelman talks about Poker Premonitions - 12/20

Poker Don tells a story that goes to prove that it ain't over until the Fat Lady Sings - 11/27

Poker Lingo one must know before playing for real money - 11/19

A table full of "lesser opponents" is a poker players dream! Check out this article on Hunting Fish at the poker tables to increase your odds of winning - 11/19

Texas Hold'em Tips including notes on starting hands, position at the table, discipline and reading the board - 11/19

Multi Table Tournament Tips that are simple but often times overlooked before sitting down at the tables - 11/18

Poker Don takes a look at the History of the World Series of Poker - 11/15

Don Lewis talks about the need for having a Poker Game Plan before you sit down at the tables - 11/7

Internet Poker Etiquette: A must know if your going to play online for real money versus other players. - 11/1

Low Limit Texas Hold'em tips and strategy from the pen of Don Lewis - 11/1

If your a poker newbie, you wanna make sure your not making any of these Beginner Mistakes! - 10/30

Poker Don says to SLOW DOWN! In this week's article, he explains the importance of Patience in Poker - 10/29

Low Limit Omaha Hi strategy and tips - 10/27

Don Lewis talks about Playing for a Free Card in a Texas Holdem game. - 10/23

Basic Omaha Hi Strategy for beginners - 10/21

Full Tilt Poker Promotions are red hot in October! Check out guaranteed tournaments and more from one of the online poker industry's fastest growing poker rooms! - 10/19

Don Lewis offers tips on how to Improve Your Online Poker Game - 10/4

Playing Poker Online vs. playing in a brick and mortar casino poker room - 9/27

Don explains What Action is in Poker explaining each of the five actions that happen in a poker game - 9/27

Looking for another poker room to add to your mix? Be sure to check out our new Pokerstars site review! - 9/21

Poker Don explores the importance of Playing Starting Hands and how playing too many can be a bad thing - 9/19

Don Lewis talks about Showing Cards and how it may be best to never show opponents what you have - 9/15

Poker Don talks about when you should consider Laying Down Losing Hands in a poker game - 9/1

Win a seat to the 2005 Monte Carlo Millions courtesy of Bet365 Poker - 8/26

Inter Poker Promotion Alert! (3) $10,000 Freerolls! Hurry! This is a raked hand accrual event based on how many hands you play by midnight August 31st! - 8/26

The PT staff takes a look at the industry's current Best Online Poker Rooms - 8/23

Sit and Go Poker Strategy by Don Lewis of - 8/22

The Poker Strategy King writes about Omaha Hi Strategy - 8/22

August Poker World Promotions include more freerolls and opportunities to earn and spend Poker World Points! - 8/19

Watching other players can result in big bucks at the poker tables. Check out this article on the Top 10 Poker Tells to help you snag into more profits! - 8/18

Don Lewis takes a look at the Premium Hands in Poker - 8/17

Playing Poker Professionally by Dimitry - 8/17

Poker News for August 2005 - 8/17

Moving All-In by the Poker Strategy King - 8/8

How to Steal the Blinds - 8/5

Tips to Improve Your Tournament Play by Don Lewis - 8/5

Poker News and Notes for the week of August 4th, 2005

Relevance of Stack Sizes at the poker tables - 8/4

Poker Q and A with the Poker Strategy King - 7/29

WSOP Winner Joe Hachem on how his wife played a huge roll in helping him win the 2005 World Series of Poker - 7/27

No Limit Poker Tips courtesy of Bob Acton - 7/27

Poker News for July 2005 - 7/27

Pro Player Profile: Biography of Antonio Esfandiari - 7/24

Poker Explained: Part 1 of a 5 part article by Don Lewis - 7/23

Biography of professional poker player Phil "Unabomber" Laak - 7/22

Poker Strategy King offers some Bluffing Tips - 7/19

How to Play Tight Aggressive at the poker tables - 7/19

2005 World Series of Poker Recap of how Joseph Hachem beat out Steve Dannenmann - 7/19 Short bio of the 2005 World Series of Poker winner: Joe Hachem - 7/18

2005 WSOP Winner: Joe Hachem of Australia - 7/18

Pro Player Profile: Greg Raymer - 7/16

Qualify for the Caribbean Poker Classic and take home some huge loot! - 7/15

WSOP Update 2005 - 7/16

2005 WSOP Update for Thursday - 7/14

Omaha Poker Tips and strategy from poker insider Don Lewis - 7/14

2005 WSOP Update for Wednesday - 7/13

Daniel Negreanu - The best poker player in the world? - 7/12

Poker Player Profile: Dutch Boyd - 7/12

2005 WSOP Update - 7/12

How to Win in Tournaments - 7/11

2005 WSOP Main Event Update - 7/10

The Poker Strategy King talks about Tilting in Poker and how the best thing to do is get up and leave if you are on tilt. (To help save your bankroll!)

Great article by the Poker Stretegy King on Check Raising - 7/1

WSOP Dominance: Phil Ivey strutting his stuff at the 2005 World Series of Poker - 6/30

Poker Player Profile: Mike Sexton - 6/30

Poker News and Notes from around the industry - 6/30

Woman Player Profile: Jennifer Harman

Player Profile: Kathy Liebert

Freeroll Frenzy! $20,000 no strings attached!

Player Profile: Gus Hansen

Player Profile: Howard Lederer

Playing poker vs. Over Aggressive Players - 6/24

Semi Bluffing and how to use it strategically to your advantage - 6/24

2005 WSOP Seats are still available at InterPoker! - 6/24

Poker Notes for the week of June 24th, 2005

Losing Streaks - What to do when you encounter that nasty and inevitable losing streak - 6/24

Playing the Blinds by pro poker player Dave Colclough - 6/23

The Tiger Woods of Poker: Phil Ivey

The story of Amarillo Slim Preston - 6/22

Autobiography of famous poker player (and hall of famer) Johnny Moss - 6/22

Doyle Brunson Interview courtesy of Bluff Mag - 6/19

Paradise Poker Million Dollar Freeroll

Guts Poker Explained - A game with over 40 different variations, the general theme is almost always the same: the winning hand earns the pot, while all losing hands must match the pot. Variations in play take the form of the number of cards dealt (generally one to five) pot limits or caps, and ante options.

We're back after a much needed vacation! Daily updates will resume as normal starting today!

Many new players ask the question, we've got the answer! Pot Odds and Implied Odds Defined - 6/17

Freeroll Saturday's in July! Due to the popularity of the ‘Great May Giveaway' we're back with a brand new promotion! On each of the five Saturdays in the month, customers will be invited to play in a $20k freeroll tournament. Click here for more details!

Great article for those engaging in their First Time Playing Poker - 6/17

What to do when Sitting Down at a New Game - 6/16

Win a trip to Aruba to play in the 2005 Ultimate Poker Classic - 6/7

Bluff Magazine goes Taj Mahal with a Donald Trump Interview

Poker Story: One Dummy to a Hand by Gary Christy - 6/6

Are you the weakest link at the table? We hope not! Read this article about Fish in Poker to avoid being eaten by a shark! - 6/6

Rate your poker prowess with this short 20 question Poker Quiz - 6/6

A few Rules for Beginners to sharpen up the novice players game - 6/6

Free WSOP Seats at Bodog on June 11th!

Saturday 6/4: Interpoker $50K Tournament

More WSOP seats up for grabs! Full Tilt Poker's $10 Million Giveaway - 6/2

Can't afford a seat to the WSOP? Win One at Poker World! - 6/2

Joe Poker part 2 - 6/1

The story of The Dead Man's Hand involving Wild Bill Hickock and Jack McCall - 6/1

Tips From The Pros - 5/28

Often forgotten, often undervalued: Today's Poker Quick Tips - 5/28

John Vorhaus Article: "My Fictional Win at the WSOP" - 5/27

Poker Champion Phil Ivey is on an unprecedented streak! - 5/26

Dave Colclough talks about attacking and Defending Blinds - 5/26

Hand of the Week XIX: Greed in Poker - 5/26

Great article for the First Time Poker Player - 5/26

Intercasino Poker weekend promotions - 5/20

Party Poker May Promotions including freerolls, players club tournaments, million dollar guaranteed tourneys and more! - 5/20

Poker Psychology Tips from the Poker Strategy King - 5/19

WSOP Seats to be won at InterPoker this weekend! 10 of them! - 5/13

Article on Pot Odds in Poker by the Poker Strategy King - 5/12

Hand of the Week XVII by the Poker Strategy King -5/12

$120,000 VIP 10 Seat WSOP Freeroll at Full Tilt! - 5/11

WSOP seats to be won! Check out the Race for the Bracelet Tournaments at Full Tilt Poker! - 5/11

Rate Your Poker Prowess - 5/9

J. Phillip Vogel talks about Fish in Poker - 5/7

Lowball Poker: You've heard of it, but what is it? - 5/7

Maximizing Strong Hands - 5/6

Probabilities of Making a Flush by the Poker Strategy King - 5/6

It's a freeroll frenzy during the Bet365 Poker Re-Launch! - 5/5

Win a seat a day at Bodog by playing in their WSOP Qualifying Tournaments - 5/4

Late Stage Tournament Tips by the "Poker Strategy King" - 5/4

Tournament Tips: Short Stack Play - 5/3

Ultimatebet Poker Promotion: Ultimate TV Freerolls! - 5/3

Dave Colclough talks about some poker psychology observations - 5/3

Inter Poker Information including bonus, WSOP, tournament and special royal flush information! - 5/2

Ultimate Bet Redeposit Bonus being offered at a very generous 50% until April 20th! - 4/17

Inter Poker Weekend Qualifiers - 4/15

Hand of the Week XII - 4/14

So you wanna Become a Poker Professional? - 4/14

Hand of the Week XI by Poker Strategy King - 4/13

Poker Math Article by the Poker Strategy King - 4/11

Win a trip to Aruba in the Ultimate Bet Aruba Freerolls Tournament - 4/11

Weekly $100,000 Guaranteed Poker Tournament - Offered by Bodog Poker! This tourney will run regardless of how many entries it fields! If your tired of your credit card being declined at other poker rooms and you have a checking account we highly recommend trying out Bodog's "Instant Check" funding option in which players can deposit using their checking accounts and have funds available immediately!

Poker Karaoke: The Amateur Poker League - 4/9

Win WSOP Seats at InterPoker! - 4/9

Sunday 350K Poker Tournament - 4/6

Poker Stars is offering WSOP and WPT Satellites! - 4/6

A day in the life of professional poker player Antonio Esfandiari - 4/5

7 Card Stud: Small Limit vs. Big Limit - 4/4

Interview with professional poker player Men "The Master" Nguyen - 4/3

Joe Poker: Articles about the lives of everyday poker players - 4/1

Archives: August 2004 through December 2004

Archives: January 2005 through March 2005

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